A New Poem & A New Page

I recently had the absolute pleasure and honor to be a reader at Lit Hop Fresno 2021! The theme for my group was “Writing The Domestic” or “Women’s Work.” I composed 3 poems, specifically for the event, and read an oldie but a goodie from Moon Ride (“It’s A Girl”). Thinking about the theme of domesticity and the tediousness of women’s work naturally led to me writing a poem about an android woman refusing to do work. Here is the visual representation of that poem!

I also want to let you know that I have a new area on my page where I list all of my previous publications. It’s under “Work.” (You can click that right there!)

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A New Poem: Inspired by Madonna

Hey, everyone! Long time no-see. Why have I been gone? This last week was finals week, and I am officially done with my first year of my MFA! Woohoo! I have been celebrating by staying up late listening to music and writing. I was particularly inspired by a Madonna song, “Bedtime Story” and decided to create a redacted poem from it. Here it is:

Thanks for stopping by.

xoxo Cristi

6 Word Poem – “About You” – 4/16/21

The prompt: About You The poem: Youth harbored long enough. Then love. 

Life really is a long learning experience. As a young person, I did not know myself enough to truly love myself. But here I am, learning about myself more every day, and of the world and people around me. Is it psychotic that I’ve found things I love about life now? The world seems to be in shambles until I walk away from the computer and watch honey bees in my parents’ garden. This life thing ain’t so bad. I wish I could tell my younger self that. I’m telling you now.

6 Word Poem – “About a Boy” (4/15/21)

A word about this prompt: I am gathering these prompts from here, where there is a list of prompts for the month of April. I chose to not interpret this in a romantic way, or anything. That is just not something I want to write about. Instead, I wrote it around one of the most important male figures in my life, my father. I thought about him as a young man, and how little I know about his youth. Anyway, here it is:

The prompt: About a boy. The poem: Faded photo, young dad. No smile.

6 Word Poem – 4/14/21 – “Secret”

The prompt: Secret. The poem: Tongue flipped, hiding; coordinated cigarette burns.

Some rejects/alternatives:

Smiles under lock. Eyes locked together.

Gazing through a canopy of fingers.

(These kind of go together!)

6 word poem – 4/13/21- “Healing”

The prompt: Healing. The poem: More than amethyst, power of gut.

6 word poem

The prompt: Homeward. The poem: Cross my chest, walking past threshold.

“Write about something presently in your life that is ‘worth it.'”

(Grad school). I remain imperfect. But the grueling behind clear eyes

feels like a portal to joy.

I began with my vision


But, the further

I dive into the forest,

the more the canopy



Crosshatched sunlight

On my olive skin.

To look down

at my hands

is to look through a kaleidoscope

of journey.



Uncertain horizon.


Immeasurable oasis?

Also true.

If the virus created

long shadows,


@ least I could shine

the flashlight

for miles

before me.

(Grad School).

(This is from a writing prompt featured in “300 Writing Prompts.”)