A New Poem & A New Page

I recently had the absolute pleasure and honor to be a reader at Lit Hop Fresno 2021! The theme for my group was “Writing The Domestic” or “Women’s Work.” I composed 3 poems, specifically for the event, and read an oldie but a goodie from Moon Ride (“It’s A Girl”). Thinking about the theme of […]

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6 word poem – 4/13/21- “Healing”

The prompt: Healing. The poem: More than amethyst, power of gut.

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“Write about something presently in your life that is ‘worth it.'”

(Grad school). I remain imperfect. But the grueling behind clear eyes feels like a portal to joy. I began with my vision blurred. But, the further I dive into the forest, the more the canopy opens up. Crosshatched sunlight On my olive skin. To look down at my hands is to look through a kaleidoscope […]

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