Rogue Fest 2022 – #FresnoWritersLive

Here I am, reading at Rogue Fest 2022 on March 5th at Goldstein’s in Fresno. This was part of #FresnoWritersLive with the support of the Fresno State Creative Writing MFA program and CWAA. I read with three amazing poets, Aidan, Shelby, and Ceci, who are my fellow CWAA members. This video is of my portion of the reading. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, and to my familia who made it out to see me!

“Write about something presently in your life that is ‘worth it.'”

(Grad school). I remain imperfect. But the grueling behind clear eyes

feels like a portal to joy.

I began with my vision


But, the further

I dive into the forest,

the more the canopy



Crosshatched sunlight

On my olive skin.

To look down

at my hands

is to look through a kaleidoscope

of journey.



Uncertain horizon.


Immeasurable oasis?

Also true.

If the virus created

long shadows,


@ least I could shine

the flashlight

for miles

before me.

(Grad School).

(This is from a writing prompt featured in “300 Writing Prompts.”)

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